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Scotland Minibus Hire, aka SMH, is a minibus provider with a driver across Scotland. Book a minibus of any seating capacity from any brand, anytime you want.

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Are you in search of a top-notch minibus hire with a driver in Scotland? You’re in the right place. “Scotland Minibus Hire” is a minibus provider in Scotland, standing out as one of the rapidly growing minibus rental providers in the heart of the country. 

From Edinburgh to Glasgow, Inverness to Perth, Dundee to Scotland Highlands, Aberdeen to Stirling, we take you anywhere across the country and beyond, anytime you need us. 

Check out our extensive fleet of 4-seater cars, 6 to 8-seater MPVs, spacious 9 to 24-seater minibuses and 29 to 70 seater coaches. Choose the one that best fits your travel needs and group size. 

Get in touch with us for any type of transportation needs and enjoy your journey through the captivating landscapes of Scotland. 


About Scotland Minibus Hire

“Scotland Minibus Hire”, also known as SMH, is a minibus rental company in Scotland for stress-free private minibus hire with a driver. Committed to providing seamless journeys, our purpose is to offer trustworthy transportation solutions tailored to your needs. 

With a commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, we prioritise your safety and peace of mind above anything else. Your trust is our driving force, making SMH the preferred choice for those who seek a seamless and dependable travel experience.

With a diverse fleet, experienced drivers, and a focus on comfort, we ensure your travels are safe, reliable, and enjoyable. Choose us for a straightforward and reliable experience, where your satisfaction is our priority. Your journey begins with a brand you can trust. 

Vehicles We Have in Our Fleet

We have people carriers from all the top brands. Choose the one that best fits your preferences. 

  • Vauxhall MPVs

Vauxhall Vivaro - 6 to 8 Seater MPV

  • Volkswagen Minibuses

Volkswagen Crafter - 16 Seater

Volkswagen Transporter - 9 Seater

  • Ford Minibuses

Ford Transit - 15 Seater

Ford Transit Custom - 4 Seater

Ford Tourneo - 8 Seater

  • Mercedes Minibuses

Mercedes Tourer - 9 Seater

Mercedes Sprinter - 12 Seater

Mercedes Sprinter - 24 Seater 

  • Other Popular Brands

Renault Trafic - 9 Seater

Fiat Ducato - 12 Seater

Iveco Daily - 16 Seater


Due to high demand, these vehicles are subject to availability. If you need a specific brand vehicle with a specific seating capacity, please always contact our team to confirm this booking. 

SMH proudly offers wheelchair-accessible minibuses, ensuring everyone can enjoy the journey. Our specially designed vehicles prioritise accessibility, providing a comfortable and secure experience for passengers with mobility challenges. Your safety and convenience are crucial – we're dedicated to making travel not just accessible but enjoyable for everyone. Choose us for a service that goes beyond transportation, catering to the diverse needs of all our passengers.

Explore Scotland on Your Terms

Whether you're a local looking to rediscover the beauty of your homeland or a visitor eager to experience Scotland's enchanting landscapes, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs. No matter your group size or travel requirements, we have the ideal vehicle for you.

From castles to the National Museums, Scotland Highlands to Fairy Pools, we expand across the country. Whether you want to travel within the city, or any other city or need tranquillity in the countryside, we are just a click away from you. Let us know your destination and we will take you there anytime you want.

Travel Beyond Scotland

Our services extend beyond the borders of Scotland, covering the entire United Kingdom. Whether your journey is to England or Wales, our seamless nationwide coverage ensures you can explore every nook and corner of the Kingdom. 

You can hire us from anywhere in Scotland to travel within the country or to go beyond. Our vehicles are at your disposal day and night. 


Flexible Rental Options

Tailored to meet diverse needs, our vehicles are perfect for group tours exploring Scotland's scenic beauty, weddings, airport transfers, funeral transports, and more. Travel with confidence, knowing our vehicles are equipped for any occasion. 

SMH offers flexible hiring options to suit your schedule. Choose from one-day or multi-day tours, or opt for long-term contract hire for extended journeys. Transparent pricing guarantees excellent value for your money. 

Our Minibus Fleet

Choose from our diverse fleet, which includes 4-seater cars, 6 to 8-seater MPVs, and spacious 9 to 24-seater minibuses, ensuring a comfortable and stylish travel experience.
9 Seater Minibus Hire UK
9 Seater Minibus

Best to travel with your friends & family

12 Seater Minibus Hire UK
12 Seater Minibus

Best suited for city to city travel

14 Seater Minibus Hire UK
14 Seater Minibus

Best suited for Families, Spacious and comfortable.

16 Seater Minibus Hire UK
16 Seater Minibus

Maximum passenger capacity. Best for large groups

20 Seater Minibus Hire UK
20 Seater Minibus

Extra Spacious for Families and Groups with Luggage

24 Seater Minibus Hire UK
24 Seater Minibus

Best for maximum passenger capacity & Luggage space

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As one of Scotland's fastest-growing minibus rental providers, we bring years of expertise to every journey. Our skilled and professional drivers prioritise your safety and comfort throughout your travel experience.

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Travel in style and reliability with our fleet featuring minibuses from renowned UK brands such as Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and more. Your journey with Scotland Minibus Hire is a seamless blend of style and dependability.

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Our online platform is designed for a seamless user experience, ensuring easy exploration of our services and confident vehicle bookings. Book a people carrier with Scotland Minibus Hire for a stress-free and enjoyable adventure.

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Last Minute Hire Option

Life is full of surprises, and travel plans can change unexpectedly. Enjoy the convenience of our last-minute hire option, allowing you to book a minibus whenever the need arises. We ensure you hit the road without unnecessary delays.

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